About Us

Hello! I'm Alyssa, a passionate educator, drone photographer, and Long Island native. As the proud owner of A1 Aerials, I seamlessly blend my love for Long Island and the art of aerial imagery. A1 Aerials, LLC specializes in drone photography and virtual tours that are tailored to meet the varied needs of all clients. Welcome to our unique online boutique where the charm and beauty of Long Island come alive through captivating designs crafted from aerial photography.
I embarked on my journey as an educator with a commitment to inspire and empower young minds. Holding dual certifications in social studies and special education, I bring 10+ years of teaching experience to the classroom. Outside the classroom, I spread my wings as a drone photographer, capturing the beauty of Long Island landscapes and my travels from a unique perspective. Through my business, I collaborate with clients to bring their visions to life, offering drone photography services that capture their stories.
View our curated galleries featuring apparel, home essentials, and custom products that bring the essence of Long Island into your home or office. Whether you're a proud Long Island resident or a distant admirer, our designs offer a unique way to connect with the spirit of this dynamic and picturesque place. Explore our collections and make Long Island a part of your decor with our alluring aerial photography designs.
Please visit our business website www.a1aerialsllc.com to learn more about our commercial drone photography and 360° virtual tour services.